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How does salicylic acid work on acne

When your hair follicles (pores) get plugged with dead skin cells and oil, black heads(open plugged pores), white heads(closed plugged pores) or pimples(pustules) often appear. Salicylic acid penetrate into your skin and works to dissolve the dead skin cells clogging your pores.

1. neutrogena oil free acne wash

  1. Neutrogena oil free acne wash for acne prone skin with salicylic acid.
  2. It provides deep cleansing with out over-drying your skin.
  3. this product helps to prevent pimples by removing excess oil and surface buildup.
  4. It prevents irritation and over drying.
  5. Suitable for oily, acne-prone skin.


  • Apply to your hands
  • Add water and work into a lather.
  • Massage face gently. Rinse thoroughly.
  • It is suitable for men & women
  • It contains 2% salicylic acid.
  • Cleanse twice a day.

2. Recast liquid salicylic acid cleanser

  • Recast  liquid salicylic acid cleanser rinse off exfoliant with 2% salicylic acid quickly unlock pores, smooths wrinkles, brightens and every out skin tone.
  • It helps in clearing and minimize sheds buildup layer of skin.
  • It helps to reduce acne, blackheads, pigmentation.
  • It is suitable for oily skin type only.

3. clear pore normalizing cleanser

  1. Clear pore normalizing cleanser has nice gel texture and it  contains just 0.5% of salicylic acid, making it an ideal beginners choice.
  2. It helps to desolve pore-clogging impurities cleanse without irritation.
  3. It also removes excess oil, pore clogging debris and makeup without drying skin or causing redness.


4. mama earth tea tree foaming face wash

  1. Mama earth tea tree foaming face wash comes with tender and loving cares of tea tree that keeps acne at bay by purifying the skin and soothing inflammation.
  2. Salicylic acid helps to remove excess oil, preventing acne, pimples, acne marks.
  3. It is free from harmful chemicals like sulfate, parabens, SLS, artificial preservatives and colors.
  4. It is suitable for all skin types.

Cutilift acne clear face wash

  1. Acne free purifying cleanser, aloe tea tree enriched face wash for acne-prone & oily skin.
  2. Oil free acne wash facial cleanser provides deep cleansing without over drying your skin.
  3. Penetrate deep clean pores and help prevent pimples by removing excess oil & surface buildups.
  4. It can helps to improve tone and texture of your skin.
  5. It is suitable for oily, sensitive, normal skin types.

INGREDIENTS: Tea tree oil & salicylic acid.

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